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Dinesh Lathi

Dinesh Lathi

Great news: Starting March 30 the upfront cost of selling on eBay will be dramatically reduced for sellers of all sizes with our lowest Insertion Fees ever. Whether you’re running a business or selling to earn extra cash, choose from a range of options designed to make your selling easier and more profitable:

Choose the option that’s best for you:

1.  New “eBay everyday” standard rates: List Auction-style FREE—pay only if it sells

The new eBay standard rates are perfect if you sell occasionally. 

  • List up to 100 items a month Auction-style free—no Insertion Fees—when you start your Auction-style listing under $1.
  • Get new, lower Insertion Fees for all other start prices.
  • Either way, pay one easy Final Value Fee of 9% of the winning bid—and never more than $50—pay only if your item sells.
  • List in Fixed Price for 50¢ with Final Value Fees mostly the same as today

2.  New eBay Stores subscription packages: Fixed Price with full search exposure as low as 3¢ plus great low rates for auctions

The new eBay Stores subscription packages are the right choice for most sellers with 50 or more listings a month:

  • List in Fixed Price with full search exposure for as low as 3¢ Insertion Fees with Final Value Fees for the most part the same as today
  • Get FREE pictures
  • Get deeply discounted fees on Auction-style listings

Only one Fixed Price format

“Full search exposure” is key because starting March 30, there will be just one Fixed Price listing format on eBay. Store Inventory Format listings will automatically become regular Fixed Price listings with the same duration and renew at the new rates—and surface in search results right along with all other listings.

Subscribe or upgrade your subscription early and save!

We want to make sure you have plenty of time to get ready: Use the handy Fee Illustrator to determine which option will be most cost-effective for you. Then subscribe or upgrade now with no additional monthly fee until April.


  • We’re making a big move to bring buyers and keep them on eBay with the new eBay Buyer Protection program. All over eBay, the message to buyers will be loud and clear: “eBay’s got you covered,” so buy on eBay with the confidence and satisfaction you expect from a trusted retailer. As always, direct communication between buyers and sellers to get issues resolved will continue to be encouraged.
  • The eBay Top-rated seller badge also ensures quality service and keeps buyers coming back. More and more of you are now enjoying the benefits. U.S. sellers can also now qualify for Top-rated status in more countries.


  • Sellers in eBay Motors Parts & Accessories will be able to create one listing with a complete list of compatible vehicles—a huge saving in Insertion Fees and time.
  • You’ll be able to list multiple variations of a product in one Fixed Price listing in many more categories.
  • Return policy and handling time will be required for new listings and re-listings in eBay Motors Parts & Accessories in June—editing tools make updating listings easy
  • Category and Item Specifics changes are also coming with the rest of these updates.

In keeping with the commitment started last year, we’re continuing to consolidate changes that impact your business into two or three major releases a year. Get details on all the updates coming in the spring 2010 update, including the new fee structure.

For more insight into the upcoming changes, including fees, you’re also invited to:

  • Take part in the upcoming webinar on Thursday, January 28.
  • Join me and other leaders from eBay and PayPal in a Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, January 27. Check the Announcement Board for more details coming soon.
  • Talk with members of my staff during the next two days on a special discussion board we’ve set up for this purpose.

As always, thank you for partnering to make eBay a thriving, successful marketplace for its 90 million buyers and sellers.


Dinesh Lathi

Vice President

Seller and Buyer Experience

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