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Fashion Makeover for eBay’s Clothing, Shoes & Accessories category

This week, to help you discover more great finds in the incredible breadth of styles and brands available on eBay, we’re launching a number of exciting changes in the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories category.

  • Find it fast. We’ve added a Fashion tab right on the top of every eBay page.  Shopping for all things fashion is now just one-click away, no matter where you are on eBay.  When you’re shopping within Fashion, you’ll be just one click away from all of the top categories, like Women’s Clothing and Men’s Shoes.
  • Get inspired. The Fashion homepage,, gives you an instant view of stylish products, hot trends and themes, most-wanted items, tips from industry stylists, and more.   Plus, you can quickly and easily browse the top brands and products you love.
  • Shop boutiques. Shop popular categories, like Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Shoes, Men’s Shoes, and Handbags in unique shopping boutiques. Shop by brand, style, size and other attributes and refine your selection quickly and easily.  Watch for top brand and theme boutiques coming soon.
  • Get the picture. In fashion categories, pictures are key to browsing and making purchase decisions so we’re defaulting search results for fashion queries to Gallery view.
  • “More like this.” Ever found an item that was close but not quite what you were looking for?  Some buyers will now see a “More like this” section with similar items based on visual image and other key aspects such as brand, style, and color.
  • Your favorite brands. You’ll be able to shop from an increasing breadth and depth of merchandise direct from top brands and retailers. Later this year, be on the lookout for some of your favorite brands within Fashion Vault as well as a new Fashion Outlet.

Sellers, maximize your fashion sales

  • Follow listing best practices—take great photos, specify item condition, and use Item Specifics.
  • If you typically use subtitle, test it in the new environment. Note that subtitle is only visible in List View. Gallery View is now the default for searches in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, but buyers can choose to view in List or Snapshot View.
  • Get more details about eBay’s fashion makeover and how to maximize your sales in these categories.

Tell us what you think

We’d love to hear from buyers and sellers about eBay’s fashion makeover— post your comments on this discussion thread on the Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories discussion board.

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