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New features added to My eBay—Purchase History and Summary pages

In May we added a Purchase History page to My eBay, which includes an archive of past purchases going back as far as 3 years. Based on your feedback, we’ve enhanced the page with additional features! You can now:

  • Toggle between recent purchases and your 3 year archive.
  • Customize your Recent view by selecting items to hide via a button at the bottom of the page. This is great for users who wish to remove items from their history after they’ve been received and Feedback has been left.  When hidden, these item records aren’t deleted—they’ll still be in your archive view for future reference.
  • Add notes to specific items via a prominent “Add note” button at the bottom of the page.

Also in May, the modules for Unsold, Sold, and Active selling items were removed from the My eBay Summary page.  Although this information continues to be available under the Selling menu, many users would like to view this information on their Summary page, as before. If that’s your preference, you can now click on the “Page options” link at the top right of your My eBay Summary page and choose exactly what you want to see on your Summary page.

More exciting enhancements to My eBay will be coming throughout the summer: bigger pictures on the My eBay buying pages, even better access to your Watched Items list and more.

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