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Parts compatibility now available in select eBay Motors Motorcycle Parts & Accessories categories

Head of eBay Motors

Kristine Chin

Parts compatibility—an easy, efficient way for you to list parts that fit many vehicles—is coming this month to all eBay Motors Motorcycles categories.

This means that you can create one listing describing a single part and add an extensive list of motorcycles that part is compatible with—saving you both time and money on insertion fees. Listing with parts compatibility also helps get your relevant items in front of buyers via search—both on eBay and via off-site search engines like Google and Yahoo!.

For sellers that want to get a head start, this functionality is available now in the following categories:

  • Motorcycle Parts—Exhaust (category number #35573)
  • Motorcycle Parts—Body & Frame—Seats (category number #35566)

Ready to give it a try? View our tutorials to learn how to get started.


Kristine Chin
Head of eBay Motors

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