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Updates to Features and Fees

To drive more effective use of listing formats, a pricing update affecting optional features will take effect later this year.

On October 1, the feature fee for reserve price will increase to the greater of $3 or 4% of the reserve price (minimum price that must be met for your item to sell), with a cap of $100, as shown below:

SR16.2_AB Post_Pricing Chart_500x160_v2
To minimize the impact of this update, follow these top tips:

  • Since a reserve price can discourage bidding, enter the lowest amount you’ll accept, and only use this optional feature when absolutely necessary.
  • Instead of using the reserve price option, consider using fixed price with a Best Offer option. This is beneficial if you know the market value of your item, but may be willing to accept a lower price.
  • Rather than using the reserve price option, consider increasing your starting price.

Visit our Help page for more information about using the reserve price option. As always, thank you for being a part of eBay.

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